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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A Moment Like This...

There are some events that transcend time. Moments like the first Saturday when the Wolverines charge through the tunnel and tap the "Go Blue" sign at mid-field. Or Bob Sheppard's first call at The Stadium. Maybe even the opening seconds of fantasy drafts. These are times that, unless, you are a follower, you are left in the cold.

But my friends, I want to share another HUGE day. A day that the calendar has held hostage for too long. A day when the REAL kids of the OC shine. Ladies and Gents, circle July 25. Set the TiVos, set the DVRs, set the VCRs or you know what just watch MTV on loop because Laguna Beach is back!

Some say you're either a Stones person or a Beatles person. I say you're either a Kristin person or an LC person. I consider myself an LC person, but I probably am a little bland, a little vanilla.

For serious though, the excitement is too much to contain. Watch and enjoy.



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