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Monday, June 06, 2005

Fine Me 100K!

Prediction for tonights game 7 in MIA:

Up till now, I would have to give the NBA playoffs a B- and I don't think I am the only one who thinks this. With that being said, and knowing that David Stern keeps his finger to the pulse of the league, I would imagine he knows this as well. So being the savy business man he is, he stepped up to the plate. So what exactly does that mean?

Well, I think Stern decided to throw Flash some money and tell him to "hurt" his rib, thereby, adding some juice into this playoff series. After the "Larry Brown to the Cavs" rumors didn’t do the job, Stern MUST have thought this would be the best way to get EVERYONE back into this series (by EVERYONE I mean all the people who weren't watching). In fact, I think this may go even deeper b/c Wade was in People's most beautiful people, which could mean that this potential conspiracy was planted a few months ago.

What was planted you say? Well, how bouts Wade crossing over into main stream pop culture. Getting all the ladies to love D. Wade, watch him blossom into MJ post-White Sox and then watch him go down. With all that said, here we go:

D. Wade will be the next in the line of the Willis Reed/ MJ with the flu / or (gulp) the stupid damned ridiculous, can't even believe I'm mentioning it "Bloody Sox." Basically what this means is D Wade will drop a triple double, along the lines of 13 points (on 7-8 FT), 10 boards and 13 dimes. But more importantly a win for Miami.

Afterwards Rasheed will meet a shirtless Ron Artest in the parking lot and the two of them will take on Giambi and The Miz in the next Wrestlemania!



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