Forget the curve ball. Give 'em the heater!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


How bout a round of applause for Paul Quantril? Seriously! I consider myself like a relief pitcher or maybe even a QB b/c I have a short memory, so it's easy for me to forget Quantril giving up the game winning homer to Papi in game 4 of the ALCS. But that's neither here nor there. What needs to be talked about is what Quantril did last night in the Yanks game against the Tigers. A-Rod hits two dingers, and then his next at-bat he steps to the plate and gets plunked.

(HOW MANY FREAKIN' TIMES CAN THIS HAPPEN TO THE YANKS WITHOUT THEM RETALIATING?!?!?!?! On Saturday, Jeter gets plunked AND has to be taken out of the game and does The Unit even bother to strike fear in anyone? No, of course not! Unit's a different story altogether, to be addressed at a different time.)

Back to Quantril. After A-Rod gets hit, Quan takes the mound and fires a pitch BEHIND a Detroit batter. This gets the crowd amped up and draws a warning from the Home Plate Ump. The very next pitch, Quantril drills the batter right between the shoudler blades. FINALLY! Now, in no way do I want to see an injury or anything to that effect, but I want to see some BALLS! And last night, Quantril (of all people) showed a large set of them.

For TOO long the Yanks have been getting hit with no repercussions and hopefully that stopped last night. I'm sure Quantril will serve the obligatory suspension, but he has earned a spot in my heart. Time to show some fire and maybe we'll see that this weekend when the Sox come to town. Heck, maybe the Unit will give Papi a bow-tie!



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