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Monday, May 23, 2005

A Giant Edgar Suit

Remember Edgar Renteria, he of the bloop single bringing the first World Series Title to the Florida Marlins. Him of the Gold Glove defense and the protypical 2 hole hitter. Well that Edgar, like St. Ides Special Brew, is gone and never coming back. Why did the Red Sox spurn the young World Series champion Orlando Cabrera (OC) for an older version of OC in Edgar. Renteria's stats have been terrible so far with him batting .239 in what was the most potent offense in baseball last year, oh and he makes 8 million a year.

You know its getting near critical mass on Edgar when all the color guys can talk about is how great of a "situational hitter" he is. Situational hitter is just another way of saying he gets out a lot. This is the AL not the NL where the only situation is to hit the snot out of the ball into the monster or around Pesky's Pole. We dont bunt a runner over in Beantown, we just hit the cover off the ball.

Where is OC? Probably riding a bike with Marissa on his back while Seth skateboards on his left side dreaming of what the Summer days hold.



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