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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Trying to Get Around the Horn?

Ok any frequent ESPN viewer knows that Pardon the Interuption was the greatest original progamming decision since the inception of Baseball Tonight, but there is always a dark side to TV hits. Spinoffs are just par for the course, and the PTI love child Around the Horn has always been the bastard no one wanted in the first place. Sure we love Jay Mariotti and Woody Paige, but the show lost its "signature host" Max Kellerman and replaced him with the closest thing in Stat Boy. Kellerman is such a Jewgine (Jewish person who acts Italian) one doesnt even miss his faux facial hair.

Side Note: Whoever told Max Kellerman that moving to Fox Sports was a good move was probably the same person who told him to keep Michael Holley and his braces around. Fox Sports is like on channel 1002, and his show is non existent.

Anyway the problem with Around the Horn is you have columnists trying to turn themselves into TV personalities. If you really want to see their real talents then stick to their columns. Jay Mariotti turns the spotlight on Sammy Sosa and his recent bout with mysterious injuries ala Nomar and his ripped off groin. A must read for Sosa haters.

- BL


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