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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Danza is NASCAR

Ok this is the closest thing you will ever get to having a NASCAR post on this site. While I respect the fact that these guys drive over 150 MPH, its the whole "the south will rise again" "you wear your X, I'll wear mine" mentality that gets to me. Here is even more evidence of a Red State/Blue State battle as New York's own Tony Danza is attacked by the cowardly Rusty Wallace, a man not to be trusted. Next week Tony is racing Giacomo's jockey on the Carousel in Central Park, and we will make sure to bring you that right here on TaylorBunts.

- BL


Anonymous Sam Jackson said...

anyone see him bust his ass on a skateboard???

4:03 PM

Blogger Jon and Ben said...

Not yet, but Danza Rules.

9:45 AM


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