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Monday, May 09, 2005

Does the NBA still have coaches?

The NBA, who last I checked was now a GM's league and not a Coach's league, gave out its 2005 Coach of the Year award. The winner was the coach of the Phoenix Suns, you know that guy who coaches the suns, the old white guy sitting on the end of the bench, everyone knows this guys name. I actually thought that the coach of the suns was the Phoenix Gorilla, but no its someone named Mike D'Antoni. If Mike D'Antoni took a crap on my lawn I wouldnt't know who he was, but he's probably best friends with Steve Nash, and he's cool. Although he's one bad season away from coaching in the NBDL, so here's a big taylorbunts high five to Coach D'Antoni a guy who could be slicing meat by the time you read this.


Blogger Politics, Policy, and Sport said...

Seriously if they killed every Red Sox fan would anyone care, furthermore, if Boston disappeared into the Atlantic Ocean would anyone notice?

1:19 PM

Anonymous Friend said...

no response from BL?

4:04 PM


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