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Friday, May 06, 2005

Obligatory NBA Playoff Post

Ok, for anyone wondering where the NBA posts are, I mean gosh dont these guys know the playoffs are on? Well we do, but like how can we say this with some tact. The NBA sucks. The NBA has sucked since John Tesh's NBC intstrumentals and the holy trinity of Marv, Walton and Snapper were thrown to the wayside. Where is Larry Johnson? Is he walking down supermarket aisles throwing up the LJ everytime he finds an item on sale?

3 Quick Changes the NBA should make

1. Find a way to make the actual Rules inforced
I am sick of watching games, where either an obvious foul or an obvious flop is misjudged by the ref, and then just chalked up to the fact that each ref has a different way of calling the games. This isnt something subjective as say the MLB strike zone, but defined rules. Walking three steps is traveling, slap a wrist thats a foul, kick out your leg ala Reggie Miller and flop the ground is nothing more than theatrics. When all else fails look to the NFL, where the rules are so concrete that regularly a causal fan or color commentator can make the same call. Think about that next time that yellow flag comes out two yards behind the line of scrimage on a 3rd and long, and you yell HOLDING at John Runyan.

2. Stop the Alternate Jerseys
If you flip on any NFL game on a sunday it will take a normal fan no more that five seconds to tell who is playing by the helmets of the guys on the field. In the NBA though teams are like chamelons changing colors as quickly as they roll blunts. Hey why are the Hawks wearing neon yellow? Why are the Lakers wearing baby blue? The NBA is run more by their marketing and apparel wizards who promised that by giving the kids all the pretty colors would instill excitement in the new colors, and they were right to a point. The problem though is, like everything, over saturation, and while the idea of a magenta Kings jersey sounds like fun it does nothing but leave those of us trying to figure out who is playing a big headace.

3. You Play to Win the Game
Is there any NBA player who actually cares anymore about winning? While you could list the players in the league who are the real deal; iverson, garnett, duncan, and nash. On the other hand the list of players who picked selfish reasons over team goals is as long as Shawn Kemp's christmas list. Kobe Bryant wanted to be the man so much he broke up one of the greatest tandems ever, Antoine Walker plays for the Three point shootouts, Glenn Robinson, Latrell Spreewell, Kwame Brown, All of the Trailblazers, Chris Webber, Stephen Jackson, and the hits just keep on coming.

Ok I could hate on the NBA for hours and hours, but hey its the only time of the year I watch the NBA, so maybe its all in my head. So for all of you watching these upcoming games enjoy, I'll be turning in for the real game when the players give it their all; Free Agency Contract signings in the offseason

- BL


Anonymous Rouge Warrior said...

Nets in 4!!!!!

1:21 PM

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