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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Stench of Decaying Yankees

Today is the day to kick around the Yankees, and now ESPN's Bob Klapisch has weighed in on the current woes in the Bronx.

"As for Giambi, the Yankees still think they can trade him – hoping other GMs haven't figured out he's had a "cooler" effect on the rest of the lineup – but no one seems interested.

"He'd have to come for free," is what one executive said unenthusiastically, meaning the Yankees would have to absorb every last penny of the $82 million Giambi is owed. But Steinbrenner might not have a choice."

Jason Giambi is quickly turning into the Poster Boy for the Yankees troubles this year, and with their team salary hovering around 200 million there seems to be no cure in sight.

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