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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

First The Fatboys Break Up, Now This!

You get the pipe that my friend left in my car. I keep the braids. You keep Tice's pencil. I'll rub Al's shouders. You keep the purple. I'll take the silver and black. Thank goodness they didn't have any children, cause this break could get real messy. The big question is, who gets the Whizzinator? Our guess is Onterrio will sort that out.

"Once you grow to love a person, a breakup is kind of hard," Randy Moss said. "I thought Culpepper was (my friend), but now that everything's happened, it seems to me I lost a friend."

"My phone number hasn't changed," Daunte Culpepper said, implying that Moss has not contacted him. "If you're my friend, why haven't you talked to me? Know what I'm saying?"




Anonymous QUAKER said...

This is the quacker... just wanted to tell you boys congrats on the blog. makes a good morning read.

10:53 AM


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