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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Bronx Horror Show

A couple of quick thing to take away from the Yanks/Sox series (from the POV of a Yanks fan):

-The pitching staff was bruised and battered, but the days of expecting domination have long since ended. Granted this is a pitching staff that has a higher pay-roll than 27 other teams, and these should be the guys who strike fear in the opponents, but I think it's time we realize that this won't happen. I watched Josh Beckett over the weekend and the WB showed Beckett taking exception to Victor Diaz trotting around the bases and Kenny Lofton dropping his bat. All I can say is Beckett showed some bark (more so then Barg's Root Beer). He yelled and screamed, and you know what, those guys know that you don't mess with Beckett. Now we all know Beckett is a Clemens in training and has the stuff to match, but where is that passion from the Pin Stripe staff? The staff is good enough to eat innings and beat up on lesser teams and maybe even hope to find a team that is pressing too much, but when push comes to shove that ain't gonna cut it.

-The Yanks won a game that Wakefield started. Conversely, the Yanks won a game that Unit started.

-Mo saved a game.

-Jeter shines as bright as the spotlight. (refering to Sunday's lead off HR)

-Did Renteria make an out? And if so, isn't this guy supposed to be crap?

-Did anyone tell Pavano and Mussina that batting practice takes place BEFORE the anthem?

-ARod will continue to get booed, FOREVER!!! And his defense at 3rd has Yanks fan clamoring for the triumphant return of Charlie Hayes.

-More on ARod. His homers and big hits, actually, have an impact on games. It's just that those games are against the Tigers and Athletics.

-What's the deal with Chin Hair, I mean really? What's the deal with that?

-Boomah!?! LOATHE him. He's not quite at the Schilling Level, but it's growing by the day.

-Did anyone watching Sunday's games think that Papi WASN'T going to destory Mussina? As posted last week, WHEN WILL THE YANKS GROW SOME BALLS AND PUT THIS GUY ON HIS ASS?!?!?!?!?!?!

-If the Yanks did, in fact, sign Pedro, would he have plunked Papi?

-Fearsome lineup by the Yanks on Sunday - Sanchez and Johnson batting 8th and 9th.

-With solid teams throughout the AL and the wild card, seemingly, a reach for the Yanks; who is confident that the Yanks can go into Fenway for the final series of the year and make some noise. Imagine if the Yanks need 2 of 3 to make the playoffs, does anyone believe this can be done?

-Let Wang loose!

-With the Sox against the Orioles, I would think we would want the Os to sweep this 4 game set with the hope to gain ground on the Os at a later point.




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