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Monday, June 06, 2005

Worst Playoffs Ever.......

Well I dont know much bout history or much bout geometry, dont know much bout science books, dont know much about the french i took, but what i do know is this has easily become the worst NBA Post-Season in the post MJ-NBA. Jon seems to give them a B mark but for what I dare ask?? I mean the East playoffs gave us the fighting Celtics and 76ers while in the West we got a taste of Sonic Ball.

Wake me up when NFL training camp starts.

The whole playoffs we had to hear how we just had to wait for the conference finals for the real fireworks to happen. We were lucky to watch the Suns, the feel good Harlem Globetrotters of the NBA, lay an egg when playing a team that actually plays defense. Its one thing when you're team is scoring 120 points during the regular season when no one except bruce bowen plays defense, but watching the suns get rolled this season was akin to watching the 2001-2002 Mavs team scoring boatloads of points, but ask Dirk to grab an defensive rebound and he's just another pituitary case.


That in a nutshell is the NBA today BORING. David Stern recently hired Matthew Dowd, a GOP marketing wiz who is trying to recapture that old black magic of years past. Good Luck. Larry Bird isnt walking through that door. Magic Johnson isnt walking through that door. Hell not even Sleepy Eyed Sam Perkins isnt walking through that door, unless someone has a mad blunt for my man.

Wait someone is waving their hands and yelling something at me.....Oh yeah my bad I was supposed to predict the winner of Game 7 tonight. Silly me getting all caught up in how bad of a product the NBA is putting out the winner.

I am going with the Miami Heat, now I know I recenty told some people that the Heat were dead with Wade's rib injury, but I still dont trust the Pistons and I think the big fella has one more MVPlike game in him.

But dont ask me I'll be watching the real sporting event on Monday nights, the Real World/Road Rules Challenge.



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