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Thursday, June 09, 2005

I See Blue and They Look Glorious

They tell us no team from East has ever won the title. They say that the two-time defending champions CAN'T be beaten. But you know what Blue says, "Not So Fast Mister!"

Last evening, the lady softball Wolverines stared into the ferocious eyes of the Bruins (the TWO TIME DEFENDING CHAMPION BRUINS) and they did not back down. After dropping the first game of the three game series, the Wolverines fought back in game two and forced last nights cataclysmic deciding game.

So let's jump to the bottom of ninth (clearly not because this is when THIS guy started watching). Anyway, you heard me right, bottom of the ninth. These are indeed seven inning games, but with Wolverine Jennie "Three's Company" Ritter and Bruin Jelly Seldon dealin' on the mound, this one went some extra frames.

Ritter gave up a lead off double in the ninth and held tight. With runners on first and third and one out, Ritter induced a pop out and strike out. The Bruin attack was haulted. In the top of the tenth, the Wolverines took control. A one out error put the go ahead runner on and an infield single and an out brought Freshman Samantha Findlay to the plate. Findlay ran the count to 2-2 and her best Hank Aaron, crushed the go ahead three run jack jobber over the left field stands.

The Bruins could only muster one runner in the bottom half of the tenth and the rest is, how we say in Ann Arbor, history, baby!

The Champs are all Blue, but Blue in the best way.



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