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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

David Stern Suicide Watch

Listen carefully kiddies, shhh quiet; you can almost hear the sound of NBA executives jumping to their deaths.

Can it get any worse for the NBA? After a sub-par regular season whose defining moment was a mid air bottle of water in a suburb of detroit; the NBA now has itself in another sleepy finals situation. Detroit is a great place to kill someone while San Antonio is a good place to stash said body. The NBA glory years were when the two coasts were hot with action, and having no games in places like New York, Boston, or Los Angeles, leaves the NBA with little room for error.

No Shaq, no controversy (unless Larry Brown's Colon counts as a subplot) no cache, no Kobe, no juice.

The NBA is terrible, did anyone notice the foul called on Rip Hamilton late in the game when the referee ran into Dwayne Wade knocking him to the floor and had no other choice but to call a foul, Terrible.

This might not be the lowest rated Finals of all time, but it sure deserves to be.

- BL


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