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Monday, June 20, 2005

Brett Boone, Come on Down

Add Brett Boone's name to the growing list of recent stars who just seem to be missing some of that juice which made them all stars. While Boone hit 37 HRs and had 141 RBIs in 2001, he has cratered this year hitting only 5 HRs while making 9 million a year. Boone was mentioned in Jose Canceco's book as being one of the most obvious steroid users in the league, and his fall from grace seems to tie in to the stricter steroid testing in the league. I am not trying to be a jerk here but, his brother Aaron blows out a knee playing pickup basketball followed by his poor showing this year for the tribe, seems to reak of chemical shenanigans.

Well Seattle has started nailing the coffin of Boone, as they have decided to bench the once terribly highlighted haired 2nb for a call up from AAA. The line is that this is just so that Boone can regain his once dominating swing. The problem is when your ace in the hole is a prick in the rear, no time or mechanical change can help.

As the league filters out more and more of the cheaters it once showcased the players who we were once amazed by return to their pedestrian roots.

Brady Anderson Pantheon of (Alledged) Steroid Users

Sosa, Giambi, Brett and Aaron Boone, Kevin Brown

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