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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Soul to Squeeze

In a lucky chain of events, New York Yankee pool photographers catch the last remaining drops of Arod's soul trying to escape their highlighted prison.

Well April is behind us and as is the normal case, its time to look at what last years AL MVP is doing right now. Let's go to the Videotape.

Here are Arod's #'s so far.
23 Runs 5 Homeruns and 16 RBI with a .261 BA.

Not bad out of context, but let's put him up against the rest of the league.

When it comes to Homeruns Arod sits behind other illustrious 3rd basemen such as Troy Glaus (8 HRs), Morgan Ensberg (9 HRs), Eric Chavez (10 HRs), and even the famous slugger and former Mets favorite Ty Wigginton has more than Arod (8 HRs)

Ok ok, maybe HRs are a bit tilted against Arod, let's look at RBIs. Some names in front of Alex right now are Edwin EncarnaciĆ³n (25 RBI), or Garrett Atkins (18 RBI) or Texas's own Hank Blalock (19 RBI).

Alot has been made of the Yankees offense not being able to manufacture runs, well look no further than the 2005 AL MVP for the causation. Jees and to think we almost gave the MVP to David Ortiz.

All that DH is doing is lead the AL in HRs (11 HRs). Seems like once again hindsight is 20/20.

Or in Arod's case about 20 mil a year.

- BL


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