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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Today, I Consider Myself...

For those who missed the Gauntlet 2 finale and/or the Gauntlet 2 Reunion Show - you missed a tragic turn of events. Last night, Mark Long (just looked up his last name, I didn't know it by heart, please believe me) announced his retirement from the network.

In a touching moment, he passed along his red bandana to Derek. "The first Road Rules to the last Road Rules." It easily qualifies for the top five most inspirational MTV moments of ALL TIME.

Top Five (in no particular order):
-The Brad/Abram Inferno battle.
-Danny getting his eye bone inverted.
-Mark's retirement.
-Trischelle being Trischelle.
-The Miz calling me immature (true story, happened in November).

Anyway, Mark apparently turned 58 on his last birthday, so we're not too bummed about it.



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