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Monday, March 13, 2006

A Domino Named Randle El

Ok as a Redskins Super-Fan I can admit my total shock and amazement that Antwaan Randle El has been brought into the fold. I mean I knew that the Skins were targeting him even during the Super Bowl, but color me amazed at the gall to actually pull the trigger on this deal.

After the Skins traded 2 mid-round draft picks for speedy Brandon Lloyd from San Francisco I had it in my mind that The Danny had moved on from Randle El. Lloyd while being the center of trouble recently in the Niner's lockerroom has great speed and could have been the perfect foil for Santana Moss. See I forgot that I was dealing with Boom-Boom Snyder.

The Skins signed Randle El to a 6 yr deal with a signing bonus of 11 mil, 3 mil more than the bonus offered by Chicago. So yeah the boo-birds can complain that "Snyder only wants to buy a ring" or "It's all about the money". Well yes, and yes.

The scary part for the rest of the NFC is this reunites the old Joe Gibbs Posse from the 1980s. The original Posse featured Art Monk the leader(best possession reciever of his generation, and a man who should be in the Hall), Gary Clark the playmaker (During the magical 1991 Super Bowl season I got to wait outside Gary Clark's silver Ferrari for his autograph while he and his date ate their Wendy's chicken sandwiches), and Ricky Sanders the speedster (see his backbreaking catch against the Broncos during the 87 Super Bowl).

Now the Posse is back with Santana Moss as the leader, Randle El as the playmaker, and Brandon Lloyd as the speedster. (Pumping my fist in excitement)

A Prediction though that this signing of Randle El will force the hand of the Dallas Cowboys in landing Terrell Owens. Honestly TO going to Dallas is how this should all play out anyway. Nothing against Denver but who really wants to see TO play the Chargers twice a year. Imagine TO in the Silver and Blue catching his first touchdown as a Cowboy and instead of being booed for celebrating in the middle of the Dallas Star, recieves this time a standing ovation. Can any real sports fan deny that two games of TO vs. Donovan wouldn't be the biggest games of the year?

Jerry Jones isn't going to let Gibbs and Snyder grab all the headlines, and if I can go out on a limb here, I see the signing of Randle El being the Domino that insures the NFC East of being the most competitive division in the entire NFL.

The NCAA Tournament is peaking, the NBA season is down to the wire, but NFL offseason moves are where its at.

- BL


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Your owner just paid $11 mil for a punt returner. Maybe he'll get a shot at QB and be worth the money he was paid. Don't get me wrong--I'm from Pittsburgh, and Randle-El is a great guy and a teriffic punt returner, but he's no #2 receiver worth that kind of cash. Congratulations Antwaan, though. It couldn't have happened to a better guy.

2:14 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Umm, having a posse is great, but you still need someone to throw the ball to all these talented receivers.

3:35 PM

Blogger hotrod said...

It kills me that idiot Snyder gave an $8 million - get your facts straight - bonus to their now #3 receiver. But good for Randle El, bad for Redskins fans. Keep this signing in mind as you are hoffing it two miles to FedEx field even after paying $35 just to park your car.

7:42 PM


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