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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Puttin the Rock in Rocky Top

So you and your boy are on the way to the hottest nightclub in Knoxville, Tennessee. What a life! To visualize exactly what this place looks like, just imagine turning on CMT and drinking a forty of Colt 45 at the same time. Paradise found.

Now what do you need to bring to such an occasion.

Dress Shirt, check.
Wallet, check.
Cologne, check.
Crack, check.

Yes that's right in a move that only FSU athletes could top, two University of Tennessee Basketball players were arrested by police for possession of 15.2 grams of crack cocaine. Now these guys weren't part of a sting or dealers. No, these future leaders of the world were caught by smoking crack in front of a nightclub, classy.

According to the article
Officers trying to clear traffic near a nightclub spotted a car on the sidewalk under a no-parking sign and approached to ask them to move.

The safest place to do crack as everyone should know is in a public place, preferably a nightclub or concert. After two tokes from a crack pipe even The Black Eyed Peas begin to make sense.

Could this be the explanation for why Bruce Pearl was sweating so much during the Vols win over the Gators?? Was he carrying? Is Mrs. Pearl at home mixing chemicals into a tub with a white mask over her face yelling at her kids "Momma needs more baking soda".

So congrats to the Men's Volunteer Basketball program for finally doing something that the women's team never could do.

Now Mrs. Pearl how many times can you step on the blow before it goes bad?

- BL


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're an idiot. Classless, stupid, sophomoric. What a waste of blog space. The insinuations about Mr. and Mrs. Pearl are absolutely outrageous. You should apologize on you way to hell.

4:12 PM

Anonymous AC $ said...

Two things:
1) I could not agree with you more; this is a situation which is normally associated with Free Shoe U. Furthermore, Coach Pearl sweats more than Smokey in heat. Out of good faith, maybe you should send him a rain coat.

2) The first anonymous responder is, 100%, a dumb hick. Listen anonymous responder, on you"R" way to hell, why don't you take a grammar lesson.

6:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys really need to get laid.

Bruuuuuuce rocks, and you know it.

2:43 PM


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