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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Free Dan Snyder

Anyone who has been keeping up with the labor talks surrounding the collective bargaining agreement in the NFL knows by now just who is to blame; Dan Snyder.

Read any column or article and they always come to the same conclusion. "The Dan Snyder's of the world will be the ones to benefit the most if a CBA isn't reached". Wait, you are telling me there is more than one 5'3 billionaire owner in the NFL? Where are all these Snyders?

There are only 32 NFL Owners, so there could only be 32 possible Snyders right? The work of lazy columnists to cast blame on Snyder for doing nothing wrong except supporting his team is a tad bit amateur.

Someone needs to tell Peter King, Dr. Z, Len Pasquaralli, John Clayton, Skip Bayless, Bill Plashke, Mitch Albom, and anyone who sadly must write for the Sporting News, that they need a new whipping boy.

I mean who could really hate this man? Look at him, all 120 pounds of him, I just wanna stick Danny in my front pocket and go fishing. Sure he milks every last dime out of the Redskins, but he puts it back into the team. What fan wouldn't want Snyder to own their team? Think the fan's who suffer through the Bill Bidwell's and the Tom Benson's wouldn't want Danny "Boom-Boom" Snyder blasting into their city?

Dan Snyder is a kid who grew up idolizing the Washington Redskins and now he owns them. Forgive him for wanting to win at all costs whether to him or the team.

As a Redskin fan I am no stranger to a diva owner. Jack Kent Cooke spent the last few years of his life partying with his Colombian wife, and all he brought in was 3 Super Bowl titles.

Let Danny be Danny, and someone tell Peter King that I would rather read a 4,000 word article on his favortie type of expresso than to hear another hack drag my good buddy Dan Snyder's name through the mud.

They can try to take Danny's life, but they'll never take his Freedom!!!

- BL


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn right. Go Skins!

1:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen to that. What the hell is wrong with wanting your team to win?! Go 'skins.

4:16 PM


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