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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Readers Make the World Go Round

So it seems we have been getting a bit of flack from the Pro-Sasha contingent. They seem to be on the right of the Clay Aiken Fans (The Claymates) and the left of the Jimmy Buffet Fans (The Parrotheads). Yeah so we predicted Sasha's fall, so we said she would one day enter the seedy underbelly of society known as the world of porno. Who knew people would get this upset.

We were sent this link.

It's a message board discussion on, The Hottest Fansite for all your Sasha needs. Wanna know how many times Sasha binged and purged before a match, we got the info on

So yes we finally have another example of how when young girls and gay men work together they can create a space healthy enough to get out all that Sasha rage. I for one will put myself up as a mentor to anyone dealing in Sasha Cohen grief and anger.

If we work together we can accomplish anything, like say who's up for kicking the asses of some Kwan fans, huh?

- BL


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