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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Phone Call In The Night (Part I)

It's a dark, calm night in Birmingham, MI. The wind is rustling the sickly looking branches.

A spare tire, dangled from a tree, sways in the wind. Somewhere in the dead of night the phone rings. Pudge Rodriguez climbs out of his sleep. He raises the phone to his ear. A frantic voice fills the receiver and Pudge jumps out of bed.

VOICE: (hysterical) Ivan!

PUDGE: Yanni?!

VOICE: Yes, Ivan, it's me. You have to help me.

PUDGE: Where are you Yanni?

VOICE: I don't know how, but they found me Ivan.

PUDGE: Who found you, Yanni? Where are you?

VOICE: Ivan, come quick. I'm in... jail...

The phone line clicks.

VOICE: Did you check the phones?

PUDGE: Of course, Yanni.

VOICE: They've been compromised, get to Ugueth. And get me out of here.

...To Be Continued


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