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Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Key To Failure

The 1998 Seattle Mariners

The 2001 Texas Rangers

The 2004 New York Yankees

The 2006 USA WBC Team

All Failures. All Losers. All Alex Rodriguez.

There, someone had to say it. The man for all his accomplishments, all his homeruns, all his dyed hair, is a losers loser.

As soon as ARod turned down a chance to play on the Dominican Team, let's face it Speedy Gonzalez has more ties to the Latin Community, it was curtains for Team USA. Alex for all his stats, his great swing, and perfect teeth has never been associated with the word "winner".

So it was no shock to this ARod Historian to see him in the middle of yesterday's embarrassing loss to Team Canada in the World Baseball Classic. Alex got one hit and one strike out in his 2 ABs. This should have been a huge game for ARod because as the ARod Corollary shows us, when the game is meaningless is where Alex shines. A worthless homerun in a lopsided game is where ARod makes all his money. A quick look at his avg. With runners in scoring position tells that story.

Avg. With runners in scoring position.

1997 .196

1998 .249

2004 .226

2005 .289

So now here the US sits waiting and hoping that Team Canada can beat Mexico, thus keeping the USA from being eliminated from the competition. That is how desperate the situation now stands for Team USA.

We can all take comfort though in the fact that Alex Rodriguez, the highest paid player in the MLB, is on Team USA. If only the poison pill had suited up with another team.

Is there any chance we could trade ARod to say Iran or North Korea?

- BL


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