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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Everyone Loves Rice

Today we are going to try to get into the mind of someone else.

Imagine you are working in a high pressure job, one full of risk with little reward. Sure you get to fly around the world, but recently people have really been nasty to you. I mean you can't even buy shoes without a heckler or two.

Your boss is a nice guy, but never seems to really be with it. Gosh your tired. People can't even say the word Iraq around you without the whole room standing still.

But good news, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Your dream job is now open, a liferaft away from the lamest of ducks.

Now can you get this job still? I mean you haven't been tearing it up recently; where has your once golden shine now gone? Are you Tagliabue enough to get the job done?

Run Condi run, chances like this don't come up that often. Who needs to shake hands with Tony Blair when you can shake with Reggie Bush. I got a feeling most people in America would welcome this change.

Now if only we could get Bud Selig to retire. I got a former Rangers Owner in mind, who I think is about ready for the easy life.

- BL


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