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Friday, September 02, 2005

Via Con Dios!

Today, September 2, Keanu Reeves turns 41! Whoa!

Special Agent Utah gets his man. Say what you will about Keanu's acting, but the man has some serious balls to jump out of a plane without a shoot. It would have been tough on me to arrest Bodhi, too. I'm still waiting for the sequel, when we find out that Bodhi didn't get crushed by a wave. Instead he floated out to see and swam to New Zealand, even though he said that was impossible.

Lost in the entire "Young, Dumb and Full of Cum" action is the subtle strength of Gary Busey. Easily his best work. "Utah, make it 2!"

I still think Lori Petty wasn't the right fit for that part. And looking back at Point Break as a whole, I think that's the only negative aspect of the entire film. That or the fact that Johnny Utah (#9) lead the Buckeyes to the Rose Bowl. Too bad he missed his window.



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