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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Good Thing Andy Roddick is White and Appealing

Americans love White people, you might not know that from watching this years VMA's on MTV, but yes we love whites. The only thing we love more than successfull whites is attractive whites. The problem is when looks enter into sports they seem to effect our overall view of the athlete.

Anna Kournikova couldn't rally with Steven Hawkings, but she can wear a micro-mini skirt so she gets the cover of SI. David Beckham hasn't been the soccer player of his youth the past few years, but no one roots for Becks cause of his soccer skills. Rick Fox spent the last few years of his Lakers tenure getting chemical free perms, but what a smile on that guy.

The worst example of this phenomenom is Andy Roddick, who is blessed with both a baby face and an adult serve, but can't seem to put them together on the tennis court. Roddick does have a grand slam on his resume, 2003 US Open, but since then has been nothing but a false replacement for Pete Sampras. His bad streak hit another bump as he lost to a guy from Luxembourg, yes let me repeat that a guy from Luxembourg.

Those sounds you can hear are executives from the USA network leaping to their demise as the golden boy, someone who would jack up all men's ratings, can't make it out of the early rounds.

American Express was running an ad campaign before the Open asking people "Have you seen Andy's Mojo?". Yeah I saw Andy's Mojo, it was running down Mandy Moore's leg.

Andy Roddick has more money than I do, is rumored to be dating maria sharapova, and is a world famous athlete, but he is headed to Harold Minor territory where all overhyped "next generation" stars finally end up.

Show me something Andrew, other than your good side.

- BL


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