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Monday, August 29, 2005

Hi, I'm Maurice, Welcome to McDonald's

Well the sad saga of Maurice Clarett hit another inevitable snag as the Denver Broncos informed the portly RB that he would be cut when the team is forced to lower its roster size to 65.

Now some might express sadness at Clarett's career taking on yet another major hit, but this is to be expected from a player who always thought he deserved more than he was given. Maurice was a spoiled brat from the time he was a blue chip recruit, and it showed in his playing time at Ohio State. While Clarett was a big part of the OSU National Championship, anyone who watched the game versus Miami saw that Craig Krenzel was the real force on the Ohio offense.

The biggest non-surprise is that Clarett's poor work habits including his refusal to concentrate on special teams were one of the major deciding factors in his dismissal. His injury plagued one season in college was also a red flag because with the extra long NFL season and the increase speed of the NFL Clarett was never cut out for the pros.

Now I won't be shocked when Clarett catches on with another team, NFL coaches love reclamation projects, but unless Maurice puts his ego in check and loses that freshman 15, he'll remain closer to Lawrence Phillips than Eddie George.

In 10 years Clarett's playbook could end up looking like this;

Big Mac: 2 All Beef Patties, lettuce, cheese, pickels, onions, on a seasame seed bun.

- BL


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