Forget the curve ball. Give 'em the heater!

Friday, September 30, 2005

Everybody WANG-chung Tonight!

5+ hours till buddy Wang takes the mound against old friend Boomah Wells.

In my eyes, my biased pinstriped eyes, I see Wang and I see his heavy fastball/sinker. In that, I see someone who won't bow to the Red Sox pressure and I see someone who will go 7 innings, give up 3 runs and walk away with a win. A WANG win!

Tomorrow will be the day the that the Unit was brought to the Bronx for. A day in which he will be able to send the Yanks to the playoffs and maybe even eliminate the Saux. And he will do that. He will grimace and point and yell and be all grouchy and the Yanks will move on.

That leaves Sunday, Bloody Sock Sunday and Schilling trying to get the Sox into the playoffs. Maybe they'll win.

My pessimistic view has the Yanks losing tonight and then Schilling in all his loud mouthed glory walking into the canyon of heroes again.

But you know what, I'm optimistic and the Yanks have something the Sox don't... WANG!!!!!

(If nothing is locked up until Sunday - look for for Shawn Chacon to make some noise)



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