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Friday, September 30, 2005


David Ortiz is the AL MVP.

End of story, period, the end.

Big Papi showed again last night how much he has meant to the Red Sox this season as he hit the game tying homerun in the 8th inning, followed by the game winning single in the 9th. And yes he didn't make one defensive play the entire game.

Who else could voters pick this year for MVP? Vlad is always a popular pick, but after missing the early part of the season didn't players like Bartolo Colon and K-Rod push the Angels just as much?

A-Rod? No one has a better combination of baseball skills in the league, but no one has displayed them in such silence as A-rod. Can you name a definitive game where A-rod was the deciding factor? Jon I am calling you out here. Defend your boy, because to me Giambi's resurgence has been even more important than A-rod's mediocre brillance.

Big Papi is the AL MVP, and no better point is that the only real knock people put on Ortiz is that he is a fulltime DH. Well sorry all you NL purists, but the award recognizes Value, and dollar for dollar there hasn't been a better player in the American League than my Dominican bro, David "Big Papi" Ortiz.

- BL


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