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Thursday, September 29, 2005

San Diego and Miami, Kindred Spirits

During this week's Inside the NFL Tiki Barber had possibly the best comment of the week concerning the San Diego fans. The Chargers faithful were out in force for the Giants game as they tried to make Eli Manning pay for turning his back on San Diego in the draft.

So there are 50,000 people trying their best to rattle the G-Men, and Tiki can say "They don't realize we play in Philly every year". That reaction is really the best way to explain the fan base of San Diego and its sister city Miami on the east coast.

These two cities both have major sports teams, but no matter how hard they try or win, the fanbase seems apathetic towards their teams. Living in South Florida one can easily see why this is apparent. There is just too many other things people can be doing on the weekends than go to watch sports. It is a proven fact that the worse the city, the more rabid the fan base.

Look at a place like Lincoln, Nebraska where Cornhusker football is treated as the defacto religion. Could this possibly be because besides in Lincoln the only activity that doesn't involve fertilizer is football? People don't go to Green Bay for the resorts just as people don't go to Miami for the peace and quiet.

As long as their is the Pacific and the Atlantic the sports scene in Miami and San Diego will continue to be as relevant as the nightlife in Lincoln. Looking for Dolphin and Chargers fans this sunday? Check out the golf courses and beaches.

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