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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Welcome to Miami Where the Playas Play

Well the Marlins have finally had it with that waste of space Miguel Cabrera, and they aren't going to take it anymore. It seems that Cabrera, a World Series hero and possibly the best young player in the league (Cabrera can play almost every position, while Pujols has already reached the injury level where only 1st will do) has what is being described as a bad work ethic.

Yeah while other Marlin players such as Jeff "Canine" Conine are shagging fly balls before the game Cabrera sits in the dugout and chats with his Venezualan brothers. So first there was the AJ Burnett flap, and now the Fish are taking Miggy to task for not being a "pro player".

Maybe the problem isn't that the players are acting like amateurs as much as that the Marlins are run like a AA team. Who can blame Cabrera for being disillusioned after being on a team many people were picking to win the NL East, who gets no support from management. Who did the Marlins pick up for the strech run? The Marlins front office is just unhappy because this season could have been the death blow to a new stadium deal in Miami.

I can solve all of this; Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the 2006 season for your Las Vegas Lizards.

- BL


Blogger Big ZL said...

The only joke funnier than the Mahliens is their fans. Don't get sick in SoFla because the hospitals are overloaded w/ former Babyface fans who broke their collar bones falling off the wagon.

1:21 PM


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