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Friday, September 23, 2005


It was a rough, under .500 week 2 for team JG (finished 7-9). They lost a game to team BL, but they have vowed to strike back. Week 3 should be the week where you finally can understand teams and let's find out if we in fact understand anything at all. And for the sake of this, let's call this week "Moving Week" as we will both be moving in complete opposite directions. As always, HOME TEAM in CAPS and differing games are in BOLD and itallics.

BEARS +2.5 Bengals

This isnt your father's Bengals, I mean did u see that 70 yrd TD to open up the last game? I got the real deal Carson and the rest of the new look Bengals. -BL

PACKERS +3.5 Bucs
Let's go to Coach Kilmer on this one: "I have brought you 22 Division Titles and 2 State Titles. Tonight WE WILL beat Bingville! (crazy applause) GO PACK! GO PACK! GO PACK!" -JG

Can I really pick the Pack again? They have no defense, no offense, and one aging QB with his mind on the coast. I took the Caddy last week, and nothing changes here. Lets Go Chucky and the Bucos. -BL

VIKES -3.5 Saints
I seriously feel for the Aints, but look the Vikings just can't fall to 0-3. Combine the futures of Culpepper and Tice in this outcome. Look for a big day for Nate Burleson. -BL

The travelling Saints road show pulls into the Tice trap. The Vikes will be playing for their coaches job, and the Saints are playing for the country? Well, no contest, Saints will drop a crazy Deuce this weekend. -JG

ST LOU -6.5 Titans
Seriously can this week finally be Norm Chows coming out party? Martz's folly doesn't play defense and Tenn starting WR is white. I am taking the points and the Titans. -BL

First home game in the Martz Dome. Game. Set. Match. Add a couple of Holt TDs and this guy'll be very happy. -JG

MIAMI +3.5 Panthros
Well the Nick Saban bandwagon blew a tire last week, and doesn't get a better draw this week as Peppers and the boys ruin the Fins day. Take Carolina in a romp. -BL

Julius Peppers vs. Ronnie Brown. No wait, Julius Peppers vs. Gus Frerotte. Somewhere there is a cement wall with Frerotte's name on it. Panthros.... -JG

EAGLES -7.5 Raiders
Maybe this'll be the week Norv and the gang realize that they should be throwing the ball to Randy every time they get into the red zone. That's gotta be good for at least 2 TDs and maybe even enough to keep it close. The Raiders and the points. -JG

This is the Fantasy game of the week, with TO and Moss going at it, but the problem is Randy will have Lito and BDawkins on him all day long while TO slices and dices the Oak town secondary. I got the Eagles at home. -BL

BILLS -3.5 Falcons
Four Words: A Gimpy Mike Vick. WILLIS and the Bills. -JG

The Mike Vick experience is closed due to Hamstring repairs, is there a scarier injury for Falcon Fans than a gimpy Vick? The Bills looked terrible agains the Bucs (where was Willis?) I got the Bills. -BL

INDY -14.5 Browns
A classic game of not who will win, but by how much. The Colts are the class of the AFC with their D, not their O. I see a big day for Reggie Wayne, and a sad day for Dilfer and the Browns as they meet Mr. Freeney. -BL

Largest Spread of the Day and a HUGE survivor league pick. But I will be jumping on board. I like the Colts and what could potentially be the first Braylon vs. Marlin Jackson matchup. Could you imagine if the Browns beat up on the Colts and then we find out that Romeo was the real mastermind, wow. But for this week, I'll take the Colts. -JG

NYJ -2.5 Jaguars
Chad can't throw. Byron can't move. I mean, this HAS to be the weekend Marshall Alumni couldn't wait for. A slowed Byron (could he be any slower) means a ton of Fragile Fred which equals J!E!T!S! -JG

Anyone who is picking the Jets this week is going off nothing but faith, as the Jets have shown zip this season, and now get the tough Jags D who held Indy in check last week. Martin has a tweaked wheel, but so does Byron. Hmm well call me a man of faith, I got the Jets. -BL

SAN FRAN +6.5 Cowboys
Cowboys are coming off a tough loss (How bout them Redskins). See even on their bye week I can work in a Redskins comment. I like the Boys. -BL

I'm just gonna throw this out there. The Cowboys stink. But the 49ers are, um, not very good. The Boys and the points or at least the points and Parcells gut exploding. -JG

SEATTLE -6.5 Zona
Well, this may be a first, but I'm taking Zona with the points. Um, I really can't believe I said that. -JG

Remember those good old days when Ari was the cool pick to win the NFC West, and challenge in the playoffs? All just a distant memory, give me the Pacific Northwest Hawks. -BL

STEELERS -3.5 Patriots
I just really dont like Big Ben and I know Pit's good at two things drinkin' beer and kickin' ass. And they're all out of beer. But...BUT, the Pats can't go 1-2 can they? I don't think so. -JG

There hasn't been a better team over the past two weeks than the Steelers, and now here come the Pats limping into Hines. How killer is the early Pats schedule? Deadly, I got the Steelers. -BL

CHARGERS -5.5 G-men
San Diego is finally seeing what real Marty Ball is, and its not pretty. The Giants D looks reborn, and I like the Manning-Plexi express. I got the Giants. -BL

Marty Ball 0-3? The G-Men 3-0? You know what, that may or may not happen, but Eli's return to San Diego, the very place he rufused to go to, will definately be worth watching. O/U on "The Eli in SD" Suzy Kolber stories will be 2.5. Look for G-Magic from the G-Men. -JG

BRONCOS -3.5 Chiefs
Well I am of the mind that the AFC West should never be displayed on MNF, ever. So let's just flip a coin here and go with the Chiefs who should run all over the Broncos. -BL

Even though The Snake won last week, I just can't wait for Madden to go with the whole, "Jake Plummer should not have thrown that pass." The Chiefs! -JG


Season Standings:
JG 17-15
BL 13-19

-Taylor Bunts


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