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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Who doesn't hate Jews?

Well in what has to be my favorite baseball story of the year, the Washington Nationals had to suspend their team chaplin after he subltly (he nodded his head) indicated that Jews were doomed to hell. Now this whole Jews aren't going to the fluffy cloud in the sky idea isn't new, but who knew baseball players have theologic discussions.

Some other players destined for Hell.

David Wells - The guy was hungover on the best day of his baseball life, and seems to always look like he smells like whore.

A-Rod - Big Phony

Rafy Palmeiro - Thou shall not lie

Derek Jeter - A deal with the Devil perhaps?

Jose Mesa - For all the pain he put the city of Cleveland through.

Jose Canseco - He's already there

- BL


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