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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Encore, Give You One More

Last evening I had the chance to sit in the way Upper Deck in the Bronx. The only way that I could sum up these games to my lady at my side was "14 games left, the yanks need to win 12."

Of course that seems irrational, now how can they go 12-2? But whatever, it seems like they need to win every game.

So as I was sitting in Row K of Tier Reserve section #29 (which was a little to the left of the right field foul pole) I examined the Yanks stats and started to think of who would be the bat to carry the club over the next fortnight.

Looked at Posada and thought he could be an interesting candidate, lackluster hitting season, slowing bat, yet maybe he has some juice left. But it's not him.

Giambi, well, any of his stats are frosting on the cake?

Bubba, of course not. In fact I only mention him b/c the guy sitting a row behind me kept insisting that it was Bubba's night. Mind you, this was before Bubba's first infield hit.

But the reality is that it falls on the shoulder of A-Rod. Now I know people claim he has no soul and whatev, he is what he is. But the Yanks need more from him and what a Yankee-ography it would be. This is the A-Rod defining moment, he can create his own legacy, or at the very least, find himself in the hearts of the Yanks fans.

So as he strode to the plate (I can't be alone in thinking that it's either with him that we blaze onto playoff glory or not at all) I wondered where is the A-Rod love in the stadium? He doesn't get booed like he used to, he just annihilates pitches. No A-Rod chants, only "Boston Sux" chants or "Let's Go Yankees" chants, but one chant was non-existent.

He came up twice in the early part of the game and why was I the only one chanting MVP? Now, I don't have a loud, powerful voice, and wasn't expecting to start this chant throughout the stadium, but where is the love? Where is the MVP love? Because you can be damned sure Papi is getting his in Boston.

Wake Up Yanks Fans. We need A-Rod over the next 13 games. We need the MVP! Let's show him!

Now Ben, (if you've made it this far) you can stick your finger down your throat.



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