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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Thursdays are Ladies Days here at TBunts

First, let's just handle the sports side of this picture for a second people. Gabe Kapler, he of the leopard speedo, ruptured his achilles tendon yesterday while rounding second base after a Boston HR. He wasn't running full speed or trying to cut down a double play, just doing his trot.

Now I was eager to point the steroid finger at Nomar after his entire groin muscle dislodged from his body, so let me say this about Gabe; Odds are he like my new favorite celebrity Danny Bonaduce enjoy the feel of hollow metal in their ass; Just a theory people.

Second, How? Where? Why? What? Pourquoi? Que? In what mindset does someone think that pictures like that are a solid career move. Can you imagine the discussion taking place before this picture was taken.

Photog - "Now Gabe we think for this picture that the speedo is the classy artistic way to go."

Gabe - "Oh well to be honest guys I was looking for a more respectable, mainstream picture this time. You know, something to show the in-laws."

Photog - "Ok I fully understand, how about the Leopard one then?"

Gabe - "Wow are we on the same wavelength or what"

- BL


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