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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Maize RAGE!

An Open Letter from the Michigan AD
The University of Michigan Athletic Department has always done its best to give each student an opportunity to buy a season ticket to watch the Wolverines play football.

This year, the demand for student tickets was so great; we could not place every student in the student section. We had to place many students in the lower rows of the south end zone.

For those students who sit in sections 11, 12 and 13, we are asking you to respect the other Wolverine fans by not standing for the entire game. Students standing for long periods of time are subject to removal. While we appreciate your enthusiasm and support, we ask your cooperation in this matter. Thank you.

Go Blue!
Bill Martin
Director of Athletics
Dear Bill Martin,

Thank you for your letter! Not only will we not stand, but we will not attend anymore games until Lloyd Carr decides to coach football in the 21st century.

While we understand that injuries occur and mistakes happen, Lloyd's coaching as of late is abhorrent as is the stigma that Michigan can be pushed around like a JV team.

We look forward to attending and standing once again with our fellow students when you and the whole Athletic department get rid of Lloyd and while you are at it, FIRE AMAKER too.

PS After watching Michigan Replay, where Lloyd continued to state "We have found our Defense," I broke my TV and would like the University to reimburse me.

-K Ron


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