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Monday, September 12, 2005


Here are some grumbles from our Peanut Gallery: (and yes, it seems we have a Peanut Gallery)

"on another note, are any of you in favor of mr. carr being sent
packing? i almost puked when he said, 'we lost to a great ND team.'
why didn't we fire the fauker last year when steve spurrior (spl?) was available? well, the big 10 blew all NC hopes yesterday.

someone please explain why lloyd carr is getting paid millions to run
michigan's football program? we could have any freaking coach in the
country!" - DJ EC

"Beating perennial powerhouses like Northwestern, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Purdue, and the MAC is what Carr is all about, thats what makes him worth millions. Not the fact that he is 2-6 vs ND, OSU as of late...1-3 in bowl games last 4. 3-7 against ranked non-conference opponents, its time for a change, he should retire at end of season with some dignity and we need to get some youth and fire power on the sidelines because we have the most wasted talent in CF." - K-Ron

"The only possible reason for me to show up in Ann Arbor again this fall will be to get on TV with my Fire Carr and Pull Henne sign.

Carr is nothing more than a joke, we all know he's been getting out-coached for years so this was nothing new. The fact that he is starting John Navarre Jr. is so disgusting that I want to cry. How come when the best quarterback in high school finally decides to come to Mich he's just another fat ass, lead foot, indecisive, pansy, low release piece of shit? I'll tell you why, because we are forever cursed. My dad has been through it for 55 years and has warned me ever since I could crawl, Michigan football will kill you. The problem is that some of us are addicted to the drug of Michigan football and it has a hold on our lives like nothing else in the world. Let's suck it up and get used to enjoying a season where we upset a far superior Ohio St. team so at least we can ruin their season like we used to in the 90's.

Until Carr is gone I have no hope, none at all."

Stay Strong,
Phi Samma Jamma

"Okay…I understand the Carr comment and I too have been saying that we should get rid of him for the past 5 seasons…I do not however support the Henne slander that is going on right now. Its bullshit and typical Michigan fair-weather fan talk. The kid kicked ass all last year as a true freshman and then has 1 bad game and everyone wants him pulled. What the fuck? Don’t get me wrong, I am pissed that we lost and I know that Henne lost the game for us, I just think that we shouldn’t be so hard on the kid." - Body

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