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Monday, September 12, 2005

Jon's Perfect Storm

So I said a small prayer for the soul of Jonathan Goldsmith on saturday night as what seemed to be a perfect sports storm descended upon Lido Beach.

First there was Michigan, who no one told that to win a game you have to actually score points.

Then the Yankees were coming off a solid win over the Red Sox on friday with thoughts of sweep in their heads only to get rocked by both a Manny 2 run first inning homerun, but also the reemergence of one Curtis Schilling.

Now if you think I took any satisfaction in Jon's misfortune, then you would be right, but let me say I fear my own storm this weekend as I travel to Gainesville to watch my Urban Gators demolish the orange hicks from UT. Following the end of Phil Fullmer's life I have the Skins meeting the Cowboys on Monday night. So is it possible that this week could break my spirit and plunge me into the depths of depression? Yes. But it is also possible that the world keeps on turning and the Skins and Gators keep on winning as I outrun that Perfect Storm of the Fall lapping at my heels.

Oh and of course the Jets lost as well, but that wasn't the Storm, just the J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS!

- BL


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