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Monday, September 12, 2005

Gregg Williams is my Hero

When it was first announced that Joe Gibbs was returning to the sidelines, I couldn't stop thinking about the high potent offense he would bring with him. After all Gibbs was the coach who took Mark Rypien and turned him into a Super Bowl MVP, who destroyed defensive gameplans, and who seemed to score at will his last season as coach.

Now almost a little over a year since Gibbs has taken over and the offense still resembles a high school team without a sense of direction or leadership from the quaterback position. Patrick Ramsey can't get rid of the ball quick enough, and Mark Brunell is a living monument to the Jaguars franchaise. I say let Jason Campbell play at this point, what could be the harm? We wasted a first round pick on him, so let's see what he has.

While the offense resembles a special olympics function, the defense is turning into something special. All the credit for this change falls to former Bills head coach Gregg Williams who has totally revamped the Redskins defensive philosophy. With his use of complex blitz schemes and defensive allignments, Williams and the Skins made life hell for Kyle Orton (9 months removed from being outmatched by teams like Iowa) and allowed only one score during the game. The score was a gift as the Skins special teams gave chicago the ball in the red zone to start the 3rd quarter.

So all credit to Williams for the win yesterday, as we continue to wait for the real Joe Gibbs to enter the stadium and bring back the old days of the Hogs and the Fun Bunch.

- BL


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