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Friday, September 09, 2005


It has become almost impossible to still be a fan of The OC as it creaks into its third season. Season 2 was a terrible mash of boring story lines (Sandy meets his old fugitive girlfriend) Howard Stern story lines (Marissa and her lesbian fun), and cliche story lines (Kirsten is an alcoholic).

What happened to the great story lines from season one, where Seth Cohen wasn't a sarcastic fountain dating one of the hottest girls in school. Where was the Seth who was the nerd who never even had the balls to even talk to Summer before Ryan came to town. Now we have Adam Brody playing Adam Brody on camera not Seth Cohen.

Why kill off Caleb? Cal was easily the best villian on the show, watch him eat up scenery in season one when he crashes the Cohen's thanksgiving. Getting rid of him only forced Julie Cooper to fill in his gap, thus making her Cruella DeVille evil.

Anyway I was hoping that Season 3 would right the sinking ship, but alas I had my heartbroken last night. Not only did they devote half the show to the idea that maybe Ryan would be framed for the murder, but the show's writers never saw an episode of CSI. If Gil Grissom can figure out a murder from an errant pube, then the OC District Attorney can figure out who shot the gun.

The worst part though of the show was a 10 minute montage of the big 4 stars laughing and playing on some deserted beach. It looked like they were shooting some sort of Teen People photo shoot. If you tivo'd the show look for the jump the shark moment of the montage where Ryan is doing the whole "look i am pretending to be a monster coming out of the water" thing. That only works either when you are six years old or if you are scaring a six year old.

The sick thing is how much I still do care bout these kids even with them kicking sand in my face at every turn. What could save this season of the OC? Well probably nothing unless we could get Marissa and Summer to throw a lotion party.

Lotion Parties = Ratings.

- BL


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