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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Seriously, it's the D-Rays...

"I don't think about it and I don't like talking about it," Piniella said. "I mean it. I don't think about it and I don't talk about it."

At around 10:20ish last night all this terrible Yankee anger raged inside of me. I mean, how could they lose their TENTH GAME to the D-Rays THIS SEASON. Then I got all high and mighty and played the "We Are The Yankees" card and this shouldn't happen and the D-Rays shouldn't win 10 games against the Yanks over the course of 2 seasons.

But as quickly as that anger raged, it evaporated. I don't really know why. I should be spiting bile this morning, I should be ripping phone books in half this morning, but I won't do that, today. (If the Yanks lose tonight, while I'm in the stands, that will be a different thing. I'm kinda like Steinbrenner.)

The Yanks vs the D-Rays is taking on a different level. You know when you play a pal in a video game and you're clearly better then them, that you decide to do stupid things. Not stupid enough that your opponent notices your errors, but dumb things like trying for that extra base when you know you're to slow or trying to score from second when the cut off man has the ball in his mitt or throwing weak fastballs down the middle when you have 2 strikes. See, you can do these things when you play The Golden Chopsticks in MVP Baseball, but you can't do this in real life.

These Yanks, it seems, will continue to try things against the D-Rays and you know what? Every know and then, The Golden Chopsticks jams my mistakes in my face and walks off the winner with home field advantage in the next game. This is a very dangerous thing because in those 5 minutes that it takes The Golden Chopsticks to pick his next team, he's glowing with confidence and I know there is a chance he'll beat me for real this time.

You can't let the sun shine on that dog's ass and if the Yanks don't win the next two games of this series against the D-Rays, well, that won't be good.

The Sox might be coming to town this weekend, but the Rays are at the plate right now. You NEVER intentionally walk a batter to get to Big Papi and it almost seems as if the Yanks are doing that right now.



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