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Monday, September 26, 2005


Oye Vai. Chad, bubbie, what are you doing to us?

Some facts: Chad's down. Fiedler's out. Brooks Bollinger IS in.

Some more facts: Chad is going to visit Dr. James Andrews. For those that don't know the Doc, I'll tell you this much, HE LOVES using his knife. There is some buzz inside TBunts headquarters that Dr. James Andrews hasn't met a shoulder, elbow, knee, hoof, rib eye that he hasn't cut into. In fact, the only athlete ever to visit the Doctor and not need surgery is Carl Pavano. To which the Doctor refused surgery b/c implanting BALLS isn't practiced in Alabama. Shocking, I know. You'd think they'd do stuff like that in Bama all the time.

Anyway, rumor has it (unfortunately I'm having trouble adding links - tomorrow they'll be here) that Chad is DUNZO for the season. I repeat Chad is DUNZO for the season. We also think that the injury may have occured when he and Eli were having catch across the Hudson River, we'll monitor Eli throughout the season.

So to recap, Fiedler has a torn labrum and is out for 6 weeks. Brooksie, time for some action. Man up, Badger!

"On The Beat with Pete"
-Peter Nemchinov


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