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Monday, September 26, 2005

Teammates Doesn't Equal Friends

Remember that Sports Illustrated Sportsmen of the Year cover where Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling seemed to be nothing but the best of friends. They pushed each other on the field we were told, but it seems they pushed each other away off the field.

It was widely known that Randy never wanted to share the mantle of being the number one pitcher with Curt. Not that I blame the Unit, I mean Schilling can get a little grating with his constant self-promotion. Now both of them have gotten their wishes joining teams in the thick of playoff races with only 7 games left to play on the season.

The Unit takes the ball for the Yanks as they begin a 7 game road trip to end the season. 4 games against Baltimore are followed up the 3 game finale in Fenway. The Sox on the other hand start Schilling to begin a 7 game home stand against Toronto.

This is only a preview of the what is slowly turning into a Judgement Day weekend where saturday it will Unit vs. Schill, in what can only be seen as the biggest game of the year. Both guys could muster fake smiles when posing for the SI viewfinder, but if Cleveland keeps on winning, look for this weekend to be the biggest thing since, well the last time the Sox played the Yanks.


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