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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Devil's Network

Living in New York City has some great benefits; There is the smell of sweat and feces in the West 4th Subway, the smell of urine at 44th and 8th ave, the sounds of horseshoes and bums in Central Park, the sound of asian tourists in Times Square, never having to drive home after your friend buys the table those double whiskey shots, and we even have our Yankees television station.

The YES Network.

There isn't a bigger collection of yes men and apologists since maybe Hitler's cabinet. Michael Kaye and his rotating seat of retired Yankee heroes spend three to four hours a night giving verbal blow jobs to anyone lucky enough to be wearing pinstripes.

Sheffield goes down on a called third strike, well it must have been a ball. Mussina doesn't get a call on a close pitch, the umpire must be at fault. Torre makes a routine sub, he is the second coming of Jesus Christ.

I can only imagine a Devil's Advocate scene where Michael Kaye walks into the blood red accented office of Fat King George. George only has one question.

"You got a set of kneepads?" Well strap them on Mikey, cause you are the official apologist for the New York Yankees.

- BL


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