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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Angered OC Fan

The following is a rant by one of television's renowned watchers. To sum this reviewer up in a nutshell - he used his TiVo to see if he could spot Kelly Capowski's bra in a few episodes of Saved By The Bell.

Just saw last week's OC episode (which says a lot considering I used to never want to miss it). I must say this show has plummeted faster than any other high school series. At least with 90210 they removed stars in pieces until it actually didn't make any sense of the original plot.

This is almost as bad as Saved by Bell when the girl in the leather jacket joined them.

(editor's note - the leather jacket chick's name is Tori. She joined the cast when Kelly was "modeling" and Jesse was learning to take her clothes off. In real life she has an identical twin and, both, she and her twin had a role on Seinfeld. Also, both twins starred in none other than 90210 for the summer season where both Steve and Brandon go on a double date. Steve tries to pull a switch-a-roo, and it totally backfires on him.)

I honestly cant believe I was watching it. It really is soooo stupid and the plots are sooo out there its not even entertaining. I mean seriously, the Dean of the School keeps threatening them and trying to frame them to expel them? The nerdy girl who is trying to get them booted out of school? The dad coming back for 5 episodes to steal some money and then leaves. He was the good guy 1st season, now he's hated by Marissa. The dad was dead broke and no one knew. Wouldn't that mean that the Cohen's are poor since their money came from the Newport group? This whole show this season sucks and its annoying, because that should happened until they hit college.



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