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Friday, September 30, 2005

The TrooFF!

Responding to Mr. Ben...

I think Papi deserves the MVP. Who cares about playing in the field. All I know is Papi scares the bee-jesus out of me. When he steps to the plate, I expect the ball to go very, very far.

BUT (and notice a big BUT) Papi wears those blasted red socks, therefore, he does not deserve to get it.

The truth is Jason Giambi is the reason the Yanks have come back into this race. ARod's magic has happened throughout the season AND his one knock (low batting average with runners in scoring position) isn't that terrible. I believe it is a shade under .300. But you see, Giambi's hits have come at bigger moments than ARod.

The thing is, nobody would ever consider Giambi - so naturally ARod deserves it then.

In conclusion, Papi should win, Giambi is more deserving, but ARod NEEDS it more than the others.

Oh, and didn't ARod hit a game tying HR the other night, in the game in which the Yanks took a 1 game lead on the Saux?

Let's just go ahead and crown the MVP on Sunday!



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