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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Rob Corddry, Superman


Last night 8/9 at about 8 oclock at Wogies on Greenwich Street, I saw Rob Corddry from The Daily Show and Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story come to the rescue of a woman who had been slapped by a man. I was having a drink and heard some dogs screeching and looked up to see two dogs being walked by a large man getting into a fight with another dog being walked by a small woman. The man and woman started shouting at each other about thier dogs. The man continued to shout and then slapped this little woman very hard in the face. The next thing I know I see someone leap up from a few tables over from me and runs across the street to pull this man off of the woman. Nobody else even tried to help. The person who came to this woman’s aid looked really familiar and it was Rob Corddry. He pulled the guy (who was much bigger than him) off of the woman. The guy realized everybody was looking at him and quickly walked off with his dogs. The woman was not hurt by seemed pretty shaken up.



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