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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Devil's Backbone

You know what I wish? Peace on Earth, Jon, is that it?

Well, sure, but that's not what I'm getting at. I actually wish that we could get more movies like Airborne. For serious, I'm not joking or even joshing. We need more movies like Airborne.

(If you haven't seen this great flic, I suggest you run to the video shop RIGHT NOW! See, it's about this Cali/Surfing King/Roller Blade Expert, Mitchell Goosen who is forced to move in with his cooky Cinci Aunt and Uncle. Hilarity ensues as, Goosen, the tree hugging, aforementioned Cali/Surfing King/Roller Blade Expert needs to assimilate into Mid-Western society.)

Now, this flick features Jack Black as a High School hockey goalie, Seth Green as Cousin Wiley, bumper stickers saying my other car is a Zamboni, all in all great fun. It's that time honored theme of knowing that no matter your differences on the outside, confidence in yourself will carry you farther than you may even realize. Or at the very least, Airborne teaches us to listen to our dreams and to not be afraid to act. For instance ride that wave and when that shark, Pepe, stands in your way, go over him. (Moral: Ride the Wave through Ruff Waters)

It's beautiful in every way that it is important. Goosen doesn't let his Pepe stand in his way and in turn goes after the girl (and gets her) AND totally shorties the roided up blonde dude at the crucial roller hockey game. Pepe ain't got shit on him. And you know what, Pepe ain't got shit on all of us. Remember that.

Combine that with a 100 MPH Roller Blading Finale down the treacherous Devil's Backbone (yup, that same Devil's Backbone in which some dude just got all freaked out walking down it).

But at the very least, even if you deeply hate this flic, remember that Goosen calls Jack Black his bra. "Bra, did you just refer to me as a female undergarment?"




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