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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Yankees Clock On Mortal Peril?

Now with the Unit shelved for his next start, the Yanks will be trotting out a rotation of Moose, Leiter, Chacon, Small and DePaula. When did we become the Toledo Mud Hens?

So with the staff looking as scary as ever (scary for us, not for the bad guys), things got even worse when the cagey, crafty, ancient Jamie Moyer turned down a chance to pitch in pinstripes.

Seriously folks, not since Steve Avery balked at the idea of pitching in the Bronx in the early 90s has a pitcher (a lefty nonetheless) turned down the chance to make a run for the pennant.

I fear the worst for this team, I really do. My normally optimistic demeanor is slowly fading.



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