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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


*Please note that this will be 1 of 15,500 optimistic/delusional Michigan Wolverine football entries*

Where has the pro-Michigan football chatter been, you ask?

Well, right here of course.

All I can say is that I am giddy. Just abso-friggin-lutely giddy over the #4 ranking.

Yes, preseason rankings mean as much Jonathan's Dirt appearing on QVC, but THIS GUY is "jump on the couch" giddy.

You say preseason rankings are nonsense. You say Michigan has choked and/or under performed every season. You say the Big House is quiet. You say Lloyd doesn't gear his guys up for road games. To which I say, no doubt, unquestionably, quiet b/c it's built out (not up like Camp Randall) and for sure.

But you know what? We have the fly-est uniforms, the largest stadium, the flashiest recruiting class, talent oozing from our fingernails, a chip on our shoulders, an offense that will wow everyone, a defense that will be underrated, and lastly Lloyd. Love him or hate him, Lloyd is a constant. A national championship, 90+ career wins, two straight big ten titles, and for all that, today, he will get props from me.

But there is one thing that is stuck in my craw, the fly to my ointment, the bosox to my yanks - THE Ohio State. I can't help but notice that their last season was eerily reminiscent to the season before they stole the championship from Miami. Combine that with the fact that Miss Ohio defeated Miss Michigan in the Miss Teen USA pageant last evening and all bets are off for this season.

I can only pray that Miss Ohio turns on the OSU athletic department and tells the world how she's been receiving "gifts" from car dealerships all across Columbus.



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